Tribute to Fela Kuti & his Shining Fearlessness

Nigeria, early 1970s: the country experienced a real oil boom; the military juntas succeed one another and the elite along with the multinationals share out the oil wealth while the miserable slums abound. In this atmosphere where the arbitrary judgements become the law, a charismatic musician, a rebel leader emerged: Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

In order to deliver his messages of justice and equality, he created an unusual combination of Afro-American funk jazz, of ju-ju music, high-life, Yoruba traditions and Nigerian vodun: Afrobeat was born. The modernity of its fusion of ancestral drums and electric soul continue to haunt the collective unconsciousness of Africa.

The metrics of Afrobeat mix with electro, pop or hip-hop, borrowing words from all the languages of the globe. Today, the American jazz drummer Sangoma Everett, fascinated by the aura, the integrity and creativity of Fela, decided to take a new look at the message and the music of Black President.

Line up:

Sangoma Everett dm and bandleader
Sahr Ngaujah voc
Aurélien Joly trumpet
Cyrille Mathieu trombone
Mamadou Ba bass
Lionel Martin saxophone
Dele Sosimi keyboads
Felix Manuaku guitar
Benoît Convert guitar
Javier Campos percussion

3 female dancers and back ground voc

Philippe Maniez - arranger & conductor
Pierre Olivier - sound engineer