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Offers 2019

Vincent Herring presents:
The Story of Jazz All Star Orchestra
Jazz – The Story

an exciting trip through the Jazz history

This amazing group is performing in an exciting, phantastic project, nobody did that before. We will give the audience the chance of a lifetime, absolutely beautiful show, where you can feel with your heart and hear the History of Jazzmusic from the start when the African slaves’ drumming and work songs that led to the Blues – the basic of all Jazz.

Jazz – The Story will be a 90-minute multimedia performance of live music, narration, and historic images. The Orchestra consisting of some of the top jazz musicians on the scene today will perform musical examples of each style. Great international star musicians are performing this show.

The band is guiding you through the history of jazz from Blues to Ragtime to Swing to Bebop to Cool. The 1950s and 60s were a particularly fertile time for jazz, with many genres emerging. There was Louis Armstrong, the most influential figures in Jazz, the Hard Bop of Miles Davis and Art Blakey; the Modal Jazz of Miles and John Coltrane; Soul Jazz, with many Hard Bop musicians adopting this style; and the Bossa Nova craze.

Latin Jazz and Free or Avant-Garde Jazz, pioneered by Ornette Coleman, also developed during this period. After delving into these earlier jazz movements, the program moves on to Fusion and Post-Bop, and finally, reflects on the many different styles of jazz being played today. The band is going with you through a long travel, giving you also the opportunity to understand the history of this amazing music which has doing many steps. 1917 was recorded in New York the first album with a band from New Orleans. 

Line up:

Vincent Herring alto, soprano, flute, clarinet, bandleader
Jeremy Pelt       trumpet
Eric Alexander    tenor
James Carter      tenor, flute,clarinet
Wycliff Gordon    trombone
Mike LeDonne    piano / keyboards, hammond
Kenny Davis      bass/ electric
Carl Allen          drums
Nicolas Bearde   voice/ narrations


Barbara Dennerlein Blues and Latin Jazz Project

Jazz Organ like you've never heard it! Dennerlein's new   project featuring the world-renowned guitarist and Grammy Winner Romero from New York (Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin) and the fabulous percussionist and drummer Rodrigo Rodriguez (Carlos Santana, George Benson, Eddie Palmieri ) from Columbia, swings, moans, rocks, and rolls through blues, latin and the various sub-genres of jazz music 

Line up: Barbara Dennerlein organ B3 with feed pedal
Romero                             guit, cajon, voc
Pius Baschnagel                 drums

Possible shows like for example:    

30 min. Barbara Dennerlein – Pius Baschnagel, drums 

30 min. ROMERO solo, guitar, cajon, vocal or Duo with Rodrigo Rodriguez

60 min. all 3 or 4 musicians together


The success of the International world-latin music sensation and Grammy Winner Romero is enorme. Romero has done several tours with Al Di Meola and Paco di Lucia, the famous guitar Trio. Grammy Winner and 3 times Grammy nominated.

Spiced with the exotic traditions that infuse flamenco-gypsy, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean folk interwoven with textures of classical, jazz, and latin rhythms, composer and guitarist Hernan Romero's music is both sophisticated and accessible. It is sensuous, passionate, romantic and inescapably infectious.

Line up:

Romero                     guitar acooustic and electric, cajon, voc
Dudu Penz                 e-bass
Rodrigo Rodriguez      percussion    

Romero solo:

Franco Ambrosetti Quintet

Everything between air and tone, between severity and freedom, between calmness and restlessness, between emergence and decease this band gets to the point! ***** (ProfC. Friede,

Swiss trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti decided to invite musical friends to a record production at famous Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn. The result was a most relaxed and inspired event – hence the title CHEERS with Franco Ambrosetti fluegelhorn, Kenny Barron piano, Buster Williams bass, Jack DeJohnette drums, with friends: John Scofield guitar, Randy Brecker trumpet, Greg Osby alto saxophone, Gianluca Ambrosetti soprano saxophone, Antonio Faraò piano, Uri Caine piano, Dado Moroni piano, Terry Lyne Carrington drums.

Line up:

Franco Ambrosetti       tp
Gianluca Ambrosetti    ss
Dado Moroni               piano
Riccardo Fioravanti      bass
Stefano Bagnoli           drums      

Italian Dreams

Sangoma Everett Trio & special guest Enrico Rava

"This hugely popular trumpet player almost single-handedly brought Italian jazz to international attention. He began playing Dixieland trombone in Turin, but after hearing Miles Davis , switched instruments and embraced the modern style. Other key meetings were with Gato Barber , with whom he recorded movie soundtracks in 1962, and Chet Baker

Line up:

Enrico Rava                tp
Sangoma Everet         drums
Bruno Ruder               piano
Thibaud Soulas           bass

Chico Freeman 3 Bass-tet Project

This project has been brewing in my creative psyche for many years but has remained unfulfilled until now. The idea of three (3) acoustic basses and saxophone (tenor, soprano and bass clarinet) is a unique concept of instrumentation that lends itself to an interesting reimagining of beautiful harmonies, enchanting melodies and magical rhythmic motion.

I reached out to three of the best and most original musicians I could find on their perspective instruments, each with a distinctive and personal voice of their own; Heiri Känzig, Christian Weber and Bänz Oester. Each of these extraordinary bassists speaks with a musical voice of heart, passion and precision in their creative expression. Together we combine to make these 4 instruments come together in a unity of purpose and musical expression that we hope speaks to our lives and to our listeners lives as well.

Reto Weber’s Squeezeband

All together this is wonderful curry made up of African-American, South American, and Mediterranean styles and employing typical Swiss instruments.

Reto Weber is one of the very few musicians, who is able to put together such world music projects together again and again in new ways and thus comes up with an enjoyable stir fry. “If one doesn’t have the necessary respect for other cultures than one should leave it”, he feels. And that he kept proving in his collaboration with Albert Mangelsdorff, which lasted for more than 30 years.

With three percussions the band has a strong, groovy foundation which provides the basis for an exciting interchange with the melodys from guitar and saxophone…

Line up:

Reto Weber                perc          Switzerland
Rodrigo Rodriguez       congas      Columbia
Carlo Rizzo                 tamburello Italy
Chico Freeman,           ts,ss         Chicago
Christy Doran,            guitar          Ireland / Switzerland
Michel Alibo,               e-bass       Martinique
Walter Sigrist              alphorn      Switzerland on request

And if you like we have two famous Artists as guest:

James Carter      sax, flute, cl
Steve Turre        trombone, shells

Miroslav Vitous
Duo, Trio or Remember Wheather Report

Vitous virtuoso jazz bass playing has led critics to place him in the same league as Scott LaFaro, Dave Holland, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and Arild Andersen. A representative example of Vitous double bass playing is Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (1968), with Chick Corea on piano and Roy Haynes on drums. This album shows his strong rhythmic sense, innovative walking lines, and intensity and abandon as an improviser. Music on a very high level!

Duo with Emil Viklicky, p; Trio with Jiri Stivin, fl.

Remember Weather Report: with:

Miroslav Vitous           bass
Robert Bonisolo           as
Aydin Esen,                keyboard
Roberto Gatto             drums

(improvisation on remember Weather Rport, ECM record)

Emil Viklicky Trio                 

An emotional depth rooted in Moravian folk music has led Emil to be called "the Janacek of Jazz". Dynamic and textural subtlety lie at the heart of Emil Viklicky´s greatness. /Chris Parker - The Times, London. Trio is affectingly lyrical when addressing their speciality material, Moravian folk songs. /Euan Dixon, Cheltenham. Emil Viklicky Trio has the same collective energy of Esbjorn Svensson trio, though without the electronics and rock input.  /Jon Fordham, The Guardian, London

Line up:

Emil Viklicky       piano
Peter Dvorsky     bass
Jiri Stivin Jr.       drums

Emil’s new chart for Wynton:

Wynton Marsalis invited Emil as a guest soloist with his Lincoln Center Orchestra on June 21st, 2018, Dvorak Hall, Rudolfinum, Prague.

A day before Wynton and Marcus Printup plaid at  Reduta Jazz Club with Emil’s Trio

Chico Freeman’s Exotica

It is said that the Chicago saxophonist Chico Freeman could almost not be stopped once he took off on one of his avantagarde expressive flights. In the meantime he does not mind handing over his musical partner the leadership and sits down while the cellist Svante Henryson shines in large reverbing spaces with the melodic toppings similar to Eberhard Weber’s approach. Or when the percussionist and instrument maker Reto Weber hits the spheric, metallic sounding hang, his most successful invention so far, and get various matkas, water bowls and hand drums to vibrate

Two-time Grammy nominated saxophonist/composer Chico Freeman announces his new and highly anticipated project featuring some of the most accomplished musicians in the world.

Heralded as one of the most important saxophonists of our time, Chico Freeman has perfected an immediately recognizable approach to music and composition, blending what he has experienced from his past and providing fluidity into a future of infinite musical possibilities.

Svante Henryson

Svante Henryson is a unique musician. A virtuoso of three instruments, a composer of orchestral music, and an improviser fluent in all musical languages, he moves boundlessly across the entire musical spectrum.

As a cellist, performing in jazz, world music or rock, he makes the cello sound as if it always belonged there. Be it in a raga duo with Grammy-winning Indian guitarist Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, with a jazz big band, or in front of a symphony orchestra, the voice of his cello is instantly recognizable.

Reto Weber

Reto Weber, composer and percussionist
Reto is a real master with a musical vision, sensitivity and humour. He moves about within a world of percussion, including traps, rows of cymbals, gongs, bells, steel drum and Senegalese balaphones. He found his exotic instruments on the festivals when he has performed in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madras, La Paz, Qugadougoiu, Sidney, Abidjan, Hanoi, Jakarta, Bombay and many other festivals around the world

Line up:

Chico Freeman - saxophones; Svante Henryson, Reto Weber – exotic perc


With its roots deep in the Caribbean and with the heart of a classic jazz 4tet, Sakésho brings sophistication, spontaneity, and soulful energy to the stage - four musicians who have come together as one voice. All four are composing for the group.  Mario Canonge, Michel Alibo, and Jean Philippe Fanfant are masters of the traditional music of Martinique and Guadeloupe, add to that the spice of Andy Narell’s steel pans, and you have a unique blend of jazz and groove. Like their name says – ‘It’s gonna be hot!’   

Sakésho recorded two albums for Heads Up International – the self titled ‘Sakésho – It’s Gonna Be Hot,’ and ‘We Want You to Say,’ and has played concerts and festivals throughout the USA, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Line up:

Andy Narell - Steel Pan,
Mario Canonge – p;
Michel Alibo – e-bass;
Jean-Philippe Fanfant – dm

With guest: Paquito D’Rivera

Tribute to Fela Kuti & his Shining Fearlessness

Nigeria, early 1970s: the country experienced a real oil boom; the military juntas succeed one another and the elite along with the multinationals share out the oil wealth while the miserable slums abound. In this atmosphere where the arbitrary judgements become the law, a charismatic musician, a rebel leader emerged: Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

In order to deliver his messages of justice and equality, he created an unusual combination of Afro-American funk jazz, of ju-ju music, high-life, Yoruba traditions and Nigerian vodun: Afrobeat was born. The modernity of its fusion of ancestral drums and electric soul continue to haunt the collective unconsciousness of Africa.

The metrics of Afrobeat mix with electro, pop or hip-hop, borrowing words from all the languages of the globe. Today, the American jazz drummer Sangoma Everett, fascinated by the aura, the integrity and creativity of Fela, decided to take a new look at the message and the music of Black President.

Line up:

Sangoma Everett        dm and bandleader
Sahr Ngaujah              voc
Aurélien Joly               trumpet
Cyrille Mathieu            trombone
Mamadou Ba              bass
Lionel Martin              saxophone
Dele Sosimi                keyboads
Felix Manuaku            guitar
Benoît Convert            guitar
Javier Campos            percussion

3 female dancers and back ground voc

Philippe Maniez - arranger & conductor

Pierre Olivier - sound engineer

12 June 2018 / Wei


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