The character of the new group of Heiri Känzig grew likewise from this interest in moving beyond the established genres and supposed limits. Here, the world music influences which Heiri Kaenzig has absorbed in his numerous encounters with musical cultures around the globe may flow together. It is not about setting a record in terms of complexity or innovation. More than anything else, in this sextet we hear a love for making music that goes directly to the heart.

In these recordings, we hear the fluttering touch of oud player, Armin Mraihi; the lyrical refinement of Marc Méan on piano; the floating melisma of the singer, Veronika Stalder; the captivating power of trumpeter Matthieu Michel; the melodic, pulsating lines by Heiri Kaenzig on double bass; and percussionist Lionel Friedli adding the drive. A passion for music-making and stylistic openness form the backbone of this music. It defies definition. It’s the power of expression that counts.

Line up

Heiri Känzig bass

Matthieu Michel flgh

Veronika Stalder voc

Amine Mraihi oud

Lionel Friedli drums

Marc Méan piano

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